Design House Stockholm – Block Lamp


Een klassieker van Design House Stockholm; de block lamp. 2 Zware blokken gegoten glas omhullen een moderne led lamp. Deze is uitgevoerd met zwart snoer.


Design House Stockholm – Block Lamp
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Harri Koskinen’s frozen light bulb Block Lamp is a modern classic. Launched in 1997, it has received numerous awards and became part of MoMA’s permanent collection in 2000. Since 2014, the Block Lamp is upgraded with a LED light bulb.

The idea for the Block Lamp was born during a workshop at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. The students were given an assignment to design a gift for a wedding. ”I had this simple form that I wanted to cast in glass, and got the idea to ’wrap’ something into the glass. I first tried a couple of snaps glasses, but then the same thing happened like always when I’m in the design process – at a subconscious level I started reducing.”

  • Kleur:  Doorzichtig / Zwart
  • Materiaal:  Glas
  • Afmetingen: Breedte: 16 cm , Diepte: 10 cm, Hoogte: 9 cm
  • Fitting: E14
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