PO Selected – Flex Vaas


De flex vaas van PO Selected kan je door het beukenhout te verschuiven groter en kleiner maken om van uiterlijk te veranderen zodat je bloemen boeket altijd past..

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PO Selected – Flex Vaas
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The Flex Vase is, as its name suggests, flexible. Two wooden frames serve as a stand, and also separate the vase into sections. These sections can be moved, by pushing the frames together or apart, to create the exact size of vase that you need, and will even hold the flowers in place. This contemporary, wood and glass vase perfectly complements any flower arrangement – from a single orchid stem, to a sizeable bouquet.

  • Afmeting: 28 x 21 x 11 cm
  • Materiaal: glas, beukenhout
  • Land van afkomst: China
  • Ontwerper: Frank Kerdil