Qeeboo – Ivory Kong XS Lamp


Kong XS heeft een prachtig ontwerp, de lamp in de arm kan in een paar standen gericht worden. Deze Kong is alleen voor gebruik binnen. Advies is om er een dimmer tussen te zetten.


Qeeboo – Ivory Kong XS Lamp
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Time has passed since its 1933 cinema debut: (King) Kong, the ferocious beast became a good hero when the feelings began to resurface, and, reluctantly abandoned the jungle, the city now seems to have become home, whether New York or any other city.

Giovannoni’s Kong is, surprisingly, technological and almost human. It shines in front of itself just as if the power went out. It’s out of scale to be a toy, out of scale to be a lamp, but it is also out of scale to be a gorilla.

With its 58 cm height, Kong XS is a unique lamp and it can be used both as a table lamp and as a floor lamp, with countless possibilities of customization of the home.

Designer: Stefano Giovannoni
Colour: White
Weight: 3 Kg
Material: PE-Polyethylene
Lamp Fitting: G10 , 230volt, EU plug
Arm adjustable -45° + 75° (totaal 120°)

For indoor use only

Gewicht3 kg
Afmetingen56 × 35 × 58 cm