Seletti- LED Wandlamp Blow Mouth Neon


De Mouth Neon LED wandlamp Tongue van Seletti uit de Blow collectie is 47 breed en is gemaakt van acryl. Hij lijkt op de klassieke neon verlichting, maar is voorzien van led verlichting.


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Seletti- LED Wandlamp Blow Mouth Neon
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Seletti Led Lamp Tongue is a led wall lamp characterized by a sensual design that represents an open mouth, a symbol of the Blow collection.

  • Design: Studio Job
  • Material: Acrylic Size: cm. 47 x 39,5 h. 2 cm
  • Input AC 100-240V 50/60Hz | Output: DC 12V 24W
  • Cable: 1,68 m | Transformer included

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