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    Royal Delft – Bord Diskus Friendship


    Bord uit de diskus serie met Engelse tekst. De tekst op het bord luidt:
    It’s precisely the reverse! It’s not about what Somebody has to do to become my friend; it’s about what he may refrain from doing. Friendship is not like a newspaper you cancel because you don’t like what they’ve written one day. You’re only my friend if I know your dark side and want you in my life anyway. Up until that point we are acquaintances.

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    Kunst en Decoratie

    Royal Delft – Bord Diskus Chance


    Bord uit de diskus serie met Engelse tekst. De tekst op het bord luidt:
    I’m sure it’s no coincidence that we’re sitting at this table together. Some things cannot be mere chance; everybody has got an example of this. On the other hand I think it’s nonsense to say chance doesn’t exist. I mean what’s the chance that nothing ever happens by chance.

  • Kunst en Decoratie

    Royal Delft Proud Mary


    Named after Mary II, the wife of Stadtholder Willem III and a great lover and collector of Delft Blue in the Golden Age. Originated from the desire to give the iconic Delft Blue of Royal Delft, in production since 1653, a contemporary look & feel with a nod to the 17th century. The name of one of the greatest collectors of the Golden Age is no coincidence, it is my wish to grow into a contemporary collector’s item, a modern icon of Delft Blue from Royal Delft. “I am proud to be the new icon of Royal Delft: Proud Mary”.

    Proud Mary consists of four interchangeable elements, the skirt, the bodice, the collar and the head. It is available in the hand-painted collection and in the silk-screen collection. Design of stock & medium bargain

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