101 Copenhagen – Fungi Floor Lamp Big

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Fungi Floor Lamp Big van 101 Copenhagen is een hele unieke lamp. Er is niet veel te vinden wat er op deze unieke vloer lamp lijkt.

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101 Copenhagen – Fungi Floor Lamp Big
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The 101 Copenhagen Fungi lamp series is a prime example of a sculptural take on the classic glass shade lamp. Instead of becoming a corner piece in the windowsill, it becomes a graphical statement that will light up any room.

The handmade raw oxidized base complements the dark smoked glass and becomes the ground from which the fungi emerge. The large glass shade constantly distributes a diffuse light throughout the surroundings and by raising the light bulb instead of hiding it the full potential of the shade is used.

  • Designer: Nicolaj Nøddesbo & Tommy Hyldahl.
  • Size: Height 50cm, Lenght 50cm (box: 65x60x46cm)
  • Material: Metal, glass
  • Color: grey

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