Bolia – Autumn Droogbloemen Vaas (3 modellen)


Bolia Autumn Vaas in 3 verschillende modellen. Er wordt een inzetstuk meegeleverd bij de teracotta kleurige vazen voor droogbloemen of bijvoorbeeld losse bladeren.

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Soft curves, organic shapes, and a warm terracotta color make the vases perfect for beautiful flower arrangements.
Sanna Völker was inspired by a local potter on a visit to Japan, which resulted in these beautiful Autumn vases fom Bolia. A narrow base combined with a wider opening and a metal piece at the base allows for beautiful, freestanding flower arrangements. Even large flowers, leaves, and sprays can stand independently, without leaning against the edge of the vase. Aesthetically beautiful vases for those of you who love designing your own flower creations.

  • Designer: Sanna Völker
  • Autumn series comes in 3 sizes
  • Special: Freestanding flower arrangements
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Not (longterm) waterproof
  • Size: Wide: Width: 17.5cm x Length: 17.5cm x Height: 12.5cm
  • Size: Medium (with stripes): Width: 16.5cm x Length: 16.5cm x Height: 19.5cm
  • Size: Tall: Width: 16.5cm x Length: 16.5cm x Height: 29.5cm

Includes insert

bolia autumn vaas inzetstuk


Wide, Medium, Tall