ByON – Marvina Vaas


Vaas van geglazuurd aardewerk alsof hij zo uit de zee is gehaald. De afmetingen zijn 24 cm x 24 cm en een gewicht van 1700 gram.


ByON – Marvina Vaas
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ByON Marvina Vase. Don’t you love it?

Abstract patterns, uneven shapes, and rough surfaces – have we said the sea world inspires us this season? It is the playfulness but also the vibrant in creating details that are perfect in the uneven and irregular. We are inspired by the mysticism of the world beneath the surface and include mermaids, sea gods, seashells and corals.

ByON Marvina is a mermaid who with her tailed body is both beautiful and smooth but who wants to take a seat. A vase that varies in color and shape, as if it was created by itself after many hours under water.

Handmade and painted. So all the vases are different!

Gewicht1,7 kg
Afmetingen24 × 24 × 24 cm

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