Design House Stockholm – Me to You Kaarsstandaard Goud


Een klassieke hartvormige kaarsenstandaard, die doet denken aan rozenblaadjes, voor de kaarsen op de verjaardagstaart. Maar ook anders te gebruiken.

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Design House Stockholm – Me to You Kaarsstandaard Goud

Design House Stockholm – Me to You Candle Holder Gold

DESIGNER Søren Niedziella
DIMENSIONS (MM) D32 × H29 mm
DIMENSIONS BOX (MM) 1 pack: L115 × W105 × H50 mm
PRODUCT WEIGHT (G) 9 g per piece
MATERIAL Gold-plated zinc and silicone foodsafe cover.
OTHER INFO: 3 small candles enclosed in package.

All holding hands halt at that imaginary moat and revealing the precious metal of their choice: gold or silver. The two teams will then engage in a tug of war. Søren Niedziella has shaped the candle holders out of real ever-lasting materials instead of throw-away plastic. Me To You will remain after the candles are blown out and the celebratory cake is finished. ’I get obsessed with things that can be made better. Wax dripping on the cake and plastic that get messed up with the cake is hardly apt when you celebrate your 80-year birthday, or even if you are just a small kid.’ Choose between gold- or nickel-plated brass, buy one or three along with candles. Søren Niedziella intends to follow up with other types of flowers, and even a celebratory Champagne Coupe. ’Wouldn’t it be nice for kids to choose their favorite flower, or create a whole meadow of blossom?’