Miss Etoile – Cake Standaard


Glazen cake standaard op voet van Miss Etoile in diverse kleuren en facet geslepen plateau. Hij heeft een hoogte van 12 centimeter en een doornede van 28 centimeter.

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Miss Etoile – Cake Standaard
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The colored glass Miss Etoile Cake Stand come in matching delicious colors. Fabulous item with a bright yet classy look. When using them, your home is guaranteed to look wonderful with extraordinarily little effort. Show them all together in a collection or use one as a color statement.

Use the exclusive Mis Etoile Cake Stand as a dining table conversation piece, or in a window where the sun can frame it and reflect the vibrant colors around the room.

  • Size: H12 cm,  Ø 28 cm
  • Material: colored crystal glass

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