Normann Copenhagen – Purple Manikhin Candlestick


In response to the notion that the world is too serious and short on humor, Roma Manikhin gives us a dose of satire with his saucy deck of playing cards and provocative candlesticks created for the Normann x Brask Art Collection.

Drawing on the styles of 20th century Italian design, Manikhin’s candlestick for the Normann Copenhagen collection emerge as three-dimensional representations of his artistic universe.

This candleholder depicts a female head, her plump lips holding the candle in place. Made from hand-painted concrete and untreated resin respectively; their voluptuous design charged with humor and sexual desire.

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Normann Copenhagen – Purple Manikhin Candlestick

Designer: Roma Manikhin
Material: Concrete, hand-painted
Size: 11,5 x 17 x 16 cm
Weight: 3,8 kg

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