Qeeboo – Turtle Carry Planter White


Een plantenpot van Qeeboo of is het een champagne koeler. Ook deze is weer ontworpen door Marcantonio.


Qeeboo – Turtle Carry Planter White
EAN: 8052049055642 , Merk:

Dimensions: L 59.19 cm x W 42.98 cm x H 61 cm
Designer: Marcantonio
Colour: White
Material: Turtle and vase in polyethylene

After the success of “Giraffe in love” Qeeboo is enriched with another magical character bearing the signature of Marcantonio: Turtle Carry is a nice multipurpose turtle, its carapace acts as a support for a series of accessories. The result is a family of products based on a basic element, a turtle, carrying in turn a bookcase, a coffee table, a pouf, or a planter. Once again Marcantonio is inspired by the natural world and its bizarre forms and he is able to translate them into artistic concepts capable of bringing sophisticated irony to our homes.


Afmetingen58 × 42 × 60 cm