RCR – Brillante Glazen (set van 2)


Mooie luxe glazen uit de brilliante serie van RCR. 4 verschillende types leverbaar.

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Inhoud naar keuze:
2 x Wijnglas 29cl, of
2 x Champagne flute 19cl, of
2 x Tumbler 34cl, of
2 x Longdrink glas 37cl

LUXION® is RCR’s INNOVATIVE AND ULTRACLEAR ECO CRYSTAL GLASS compliant with standard ISO/PAS IWA 8:2009, combining enhanced brilliance, absence of colour and transparency criteria. LUXION® is the first true ECO CRYSTAL GLASS, a material that can be 100% recycled in the glass market. The key features of LUXION® are its brilliance, transparency, machinability, hydrolytic resistance, and dishwasher safe.


2x Champagne, 2x Wijn, 2x Tumbler, 2x Longdrink