Rosenthal – Skum Vaas


Bestaande uit bollen die om elkaar heen clusteren, neemt deze Skum vaas van Rosenthal deze bubbelvorm aan en straalt hij een gevoel van creativiteit, eigenzinnigheid en spel uit.


Rosenthal – Skum Vaas
Translating from Danish to mean foam, ‘Skum’ was a pavilion made up of clusters of bubbles—designed as an ode to the aesthetics and flexibility of bouncy castles. Comprised of spheres that cluster around one another, the vase takes this bubbled form into a ceramic realm. The vase itself was produced by San Francisco-based interior design firm Mosss, who was asked by BIG to reimagine one of their projects as an object for the home. “Like the inflatable installation, the Skum vase has a bubble-like form and captures a sense of creativity, whimsy, and play”, explains Mosss. “As the pavilion continues to travel the world from music festivals to art fairs, a small fraction of it can now populate private homes, reincarnated as the ‘Skum Vase’.
60 years ago, Rosenthal stirred up the porcelain industry – with avantgarde designs by artists, designers and architects. Now we celebrate the studio-line with a limited anniversary collection and transport 60 iconic vases with twelve contemporary colours into the here and now.
Designer: Ingels, Bjarke
Collection: Skum
Size: 26 cm
Material: Porcelain
Brand: Rosenthal
The iF International Forum Design GmbH honours this unique collection with an iF Award 2021 in the category “Professional Concept”.