Seletti – My Little Kong Lamp


Seletti – My Little Kong Lamp

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Seletti – My Little Kong Lamp
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The protagonist of the jungle has arrived in the city and watches over the neighborhood from its street lamp. Another scenario under glass shining light on a scene that seems coming out from a film noir, with a touch of 80’s sci-fi.

A place and a perfect moment to share with someone special, doing anything or nothing at all.

  • Model: Table Lamp
  • Design: Marcantonio
  • Material: Resin, Glass
  • Size: ø cm. 11,2 h. 22,8 ≈ ø 4.4” h. 9” ≈
  •  Input 230V Output 5V – 50hz
  • Cable 2.5 meter
  • Color temperature 3000K / LED 0,2 W / 6000 MCD

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