Tokyo Design – Flora Japonica Melk en Suiker Pot Set


The Flora Japonica Melk en suiker pot set van Tokyo Design, compleet met lepeltje.

The collection is inspired by Dutch botanists bringing back new plant species from Japan, centuries ago.
It is all about exploring and admiring Japanese flora.

National treasures like the fine-leaved maple, the heart-shaped katsura, pretty white pine trees and one of the oldest trees on earth, the ginkgo biloba, have found a place in our collection.
Amidst these wonderful trees you’ll find another Japanese phenomenon: the dancing cranes. Do you share our love for Japanese nature?


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Tokyo Design – Flora Japonica Melk en Suiker Pot Set
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The creative cross-pollination between Japan and the
Netherlands dates back to the 16th & 17th century when the
Dutch imported porcelain from the Orient. The Dutch developed
Delft Blue, which over time became so popular it sparked
its own artistic interpretations from Japan in return.
With Tokyo Design Studio we celebrate these cross-cultural collaborations of the past and add a new chapter by giving a unique European twist to traditional Japanese pattern and tableware design.

Most of our products are made in Japan via an artisanal
method perfected over the last 400 years.
Our products are baked twice, then decorated one color at a time, glazed and baked again. Throughout the process a meticulous quality control is applied making sure each Tokyo Design Studio product is of the highest quality.

Set of 2 blue-white milk and sugar pot + spoon
Delivered in a beautiful gift box