Woud – Oak Rina Woud (2 maten)


Massief eiken houten decoratieve Neushoorn van Woud met beweegbare kop.

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Woud Rina captures the nature of rhinos in a simple and lovable sculpture made from solid oak. The expression of the rhinoceros can change as the head can be tilted to either side giving Rina a charming and wondering look on its face. On its own or together with its child/mother, Rina will bring enjoyment to any room it enters. Rina builds upon an old tradition among Danish architects and designers to make expressive wooden sculptures.

  • Designer: Steffen Juul
  • Material: Oak
  • Small : b. 13 x h. 7 x d. 7,9 centimeter
  • Medium: b 20,5 x h. 11,5 x d. 12,5 centimeter

Medium + Small, Medium, Small