Xoopar – Mini Xoopar Boy Eco Speaker – Lamp


De Xoopar mini Xboy Eco. Deze mascotte neem je overal mee naar toe voor een muzikale pauze en verras de mensen om je heen met alle functies die hij biedt!

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Xoopar – Mini Xoopar Boy Eco Speaker – Lamp
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Take a musical break with the Mini Xboy speaker wherever you are and surprise your friends with all the features it has to offer !

  • Battery life of 4 hours of continuous music
  • Product size : 73 x 67 x 56 mm
  • Weight: 80 gram
  • Power: 3 Watts
  • Activate the Bluetooth of your smartphone (as well as your computer) then pair your XBOY
  • Multi-LED lighted face and integrated wrist strap that allows you to hang it anywhere
  • Capture your best moments with the built-in selfie remote
  • Pair 2 Mini XBoys and get 360° stereo sound!
  • Includes emoji stickers, allowing you to customize your product to your mood!
  • FSC-certified paper packaging from a sustainably managed forestry operation
  • Biosphere additive to accelerate the biodegradability of the shell in an industrial environment
  • Material : 58% ABS, 25% Vinyl, 10% PVC, 5% RPET, 2% Biosphere Additive